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UdiMONTAGE® adjus­table dowel masonry

For solid, per­fo­rated buil­ding mate­rials and cel­lular con­crete blocks. Effi­cient screw fas­tening on all mono­li­thic sub­strates. – Ther­mally decou­pled – adjus­table on uneven surfaces.

UdiMONTAGE® BIT 30 Screw-in aid

Sui­table for UdiMONTAGE® SDM RECO.

UdiMONTAGE® SDH RECO adjus­table dowel timber construction

Can be fixed to all wooden sub­strates and is adjus­table for the UdiRECO® insu­la­tion board. – ther­mally decou­pled – fine adjus­t­ment accu­rate to the millimetre.

UdiMONTAGE® BIT 25 Screw-in aid

Sui­table for UdiMONTAGE® SDH RECO.

UdiMONTAGE® Insu­la­tion plate

Enables easy fixing on dif­fe­rent surfaces.

UdiMONTAGE® Cli­mate screw for wooden substrates

For fas­tening the UdiCLIMATE® exten­sion panel in wood and metal sub­strates wit­hout thermal bridges.

UdiUNDERTABLE radiant heating

Cool head but warm hands.

UdiMONTAGE® Wide back clamp

Stain­less steel, sui­table for stapler.

UdiBASE® Assembly-Set

Screw com­bi­na­tion with dowel for mineral sub­strates, H-pro­file as con­nector for UdiBASE® base end rail.

UdiBASE® Assembly-Set, Indi­vi­dual components

Screw com­bi­na­tion with dowel for mineral sub­strates, H-pro­file as con­nector for UdiBASE® base end rail, spa­cers for levelling.

UdiMONTAGE® Com­pressed air chamber unit

Recom­mended for wooden stands, timber frame con­s­truc­tion and solid wood con­s­truc­tion. Well suited for fixing the first insu­la­tion board level when laying two layers of insu­la­tion boards.

UdiBASE® Exten­sion strap for wooden con­s­truc­tion (stain­less steel)

Made of 0.8 mm thick stain­less steel with a spe­cial claw for rational exten­sion of the rear leg of the plinth end rail.

UdiARMIERUNG® fabric

If the upper 1/3 of the sur­face is embedded in UdiGRUNDSPACHTEL® or UdiMULTIGRUND®, the plaster coa­ting pro­vides the neces­sary rigi­dity and can absorb high dynamic loads.

UdiMONTAGE® Single drill mil­ling head (wit­hout centre drill)

For sub­se­quent mil­ling of the dowel holes in UdiRECO® insu­la­tion boards. Dia­meter 60 mm.

UdiBASE® Base / plinth end rail (alu­mi­nium blank)

For the plinth finish. Fixing with the UdiBASE® Assembly-Set.

UdiBASE® Plinth end rail corner con­nector (blank aluminium)

Enables pro­blem-free corner formation.

UdiBASE® Plinth edge profile

Enables per­fect clo­sure on UdiBASE® plinth end rail, clip onto end rail before instal­ling insu­la­tion boards.

UdiBASE® Creme Inject hori­zontal waterproofing

Sol­vent-free spe­cial cream against rising wall dampness.

UdiJOINT TAPE® Heavy rain resistant BG 1, colour grey

Self-adhe­sive PUR foam tape, com­pressed (left) expanded (right), wind­proof, can be painted over and plas­tered over

UdiSPIRAL DOWELS® Sub­se­quent fixing

Light attach­ments, simply drill through the finished plaster sur­face, screw in and fasten normal screws.


For cove­ring during pain­ting and plas­te­ring, 2 m wide.

UdiLOAD DOWEL® Spacer dowels

Ther­mally decou­pled exten­sion for the secure fas­tening of heavy elements.


Stiff pasty, sol­vent-free, ready to use for bon­ding, gluing and sealing of UdiINSULATION SYSTEMS.

UdiSPECIAL GLUE® tubular bag

Stiff pasty, sol­vent-free, ready to use for bon­ding, gluing and sealing of UdiINSULATION SYSTEMS.

UdiSTEAM® 10 plus

The inno­va­tive vapour bar­rier that adapts to the humi­dity of the air.

UdiSTEAM® 3 plus

The robust vapour bar­rier mem­brane for dif­fu­sion-open on-roof insu­la­tion with UdiWood fibre insu­la­tion boards.

UdiSTEAM® Tex 200 black

Vapour-per­meable façade mem­brane for exte­rior use.

UdiSTEAM® Tex 155

Exte­rior roofing, underlay and sar­king membrane.

UdiBASE® Variable plinth end rail

Con­sists of two com­pa­tible rails as thermal bridge reduc­tion. – Wall con­nec­tion pro­file – push-on profile.

UdiARMIERUNG® Camber corner angle

Must be used to rein­force window and door reveal cor­ners. Three-dimen­sional inner corner rein­force­ment for stable and crack-free inner corners.

UdiARMIERUNG® Fabric corner

UdiARMIERUNG® Corner pro­tec­tion strip

Edge rein­forced with fabric flags for the for­ma­tion of buil­ding, window and door out­side cor­ners at right angles, these bat­tens are set before the sur­face fabric is applied.

UdiARMIERUNG® Plaster con­nec­tion strip universal

For the outer wall, long-time proven, self-adhe­sive fabric strip with wide adhe­sive sur­face for a per­ma­nently dri­ving rain-proof move­ment joint.

UdiARMIERUNG® Plaster ter­minal strip late

Self-adhe­sive fabric strip, expan­sions can be dis­mantled in 2 teles­copic pro­files into each other, narrow hori­zontal and ver­tical, movable in itself, ideal on already mounted UdiINSULATION BOARDS.

UdiARMIERUNG® Plaster con­nec­tion strip inside

For inte­rior insu­la­tion, self-adhe­sive fabric strip with sealing tape and rein­for­cing fabric, clean plaster con­nec­tion to window and door frames for UdiINTERIOR INSULATION.

UdiARMIERUNG® Expan­sion joint profile

With fabric, for ali­gned expan­sion joints in the insu­la­tion sur­face, as well as inside cor­ners, for clean plaster finish, flat move­ment pro­file with fabric on both sides.

UdiARMIERUNG® End pro­file with drip edge

Achieves a clean plaster finish on recessed buil­ding parts and keeps rain­water away.

UdiARMIERUNG® Round arch profile

Rein­forced edges to form clean round arches at all ope­nings, such as win­dows, doors and passageways.

UdiARMIERUNG® Rolleck – corner pro­tec­tion strip

Rein­forced edges for any adjus­table number of degrees at hori­zontal or ver­tical buil­ding corners.

UdiARMIERUNG® Plaster end profile

For a clean finish on the façade surface.

UdiARMIERUNG® Sheet metal con­nec­tion profile

Water­tight con­nec­tion bet­ween sheet metal and fine plaster, absorbs move­ment with pre­formed drip edge.

UdiSTEAM® Tape elastoflex

Highly stretchable, poly­acrylic adhe­sive on PE film for inte­rior and exte­rior use.

UdiSTEAM® Tape ela­s­to­flex duo

With split liner for inside corners.

UdiSTEAM® Tape standard

Tear­proof, spe­cial paper with acrylic adhe­sive for inside and outside.

UdiSTEAM® Tape stan­dard Repair pads

Effi­cient cove­ring of injec­tion holes.

UdiSTEAM® Fix spe­cial glue

Sol­vent-free, per­ma­nently ela­stic system adhe­sive for inte­rior and exte­rior use.

UdiSTEAM® Tape tex

Per­ma­nent system adhe­sive tape, sticks to under­lays and facade membranes.

UdiSTEAM® Butyl standard

Butyl rubber on PE car­rier for indoor and out­door use.

UdiSTEAM® Butyl Vlies

Butyl rubber on PP-spun fleece.

UdiSTEAM® Butyl RS Round cords

Made of butyl rubber for indoor and out­door use.

UdiSTEAM® Alu­mi­nium-butyl

Alu­mi­nium-pro­tected butyl rubber for exte­rior roof areas.

UdiSTEAM® Primer

Primer for butyl, sol­vent-free for indoor and out­door use.

UdiSTEAM® Cuf­fing

Inno­va­tive and fle­xible water­pro­ofing sleeve.

UdiALU® Alu­mi­nium Window sill

The proven window sill made of robust high-tech aluminium.

UdiALU® side part on plaster (L-pro­file)

Desi­gned to match the window sill.

UdiALU® Side part under plaster (U-pro­file)

Pro­tec­tive foil + foam cord in U – profile.

UdiALU® outer corner con­nector 90 degrees

90 degree high tech alu­mi­nium matching the design of the window sill.

UdiALU® inner corner con­nector 90 degrees

90 degree high tech alu­mi­nium matching the design of the window sill.

UdiALU® joint con­nector for window sills over 2 m

Straight con­nector.

UdiALU® Anti-drum­ming coating

Sup­pres­sion of drip­ping noises.

UdiALU® Spe­cial sealing tape

For pro­fes­sional and water­proof installation.

UdiALU® Moun­ting screws

PVC – caps in grey, black or white.

UdiALU® Ther­mo­holder

Used to fix the window sill.