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UdiPERL® Struc­tured fine qua­lity plaster

Our UdiPERL® Struc­tured Fine Plaster System is coloured accor­ding to our cur­rent UdiCOLOR® System. This includes over 80 stan­dard colours and 20 trend-colours. As an addi­tional ser­vice (extra charges may be incurred), it is also pos­sible to colour our UdiPERL® Struc­tured Fine Plaster System with tones available from other colour sys­tems (e.g. NCS, RAL etc.). The coverage values stated are depen­dent upon the gra­nu­la­rity, sub­strate, the external tem­pe­ra­ture and the vis­co­sity of the material.


Spe­cial, easy to use rein­force­ment and adhe­sive filler for UdiWood-Fibre Insu­la­tion Boards. Reliably pre­vents bloo­ming, crack deve­lo­p­ment and dis­co­lo­ra­tions. Sui­table for use in the building’s plinth area. The recom­mended con­sump­tion gui­de­lines should be com­plied with.


Applied across the whole sur­face of the UdiFOUNDATION COAT®, the primer ensures the uni­form drying of the ren­dered sur­face. As a pre-tre­at­ment for UdiPERL® Struc­tured Plas­ters, it serves as a mois­ture com­pen­sator and bon­ding agent.

UdiPERL® Scrat­ched-Finish Plaster 

A classic and attrac­tive struc­tured finish con­tai­ning spe­cial, rough-edged gra­nules which pro­vide a beau­tiful scrat­ched-finish tex­ture when struc­tu­ring the sur­face. Ready-to-use struc­tured fine plaster available in white or a range of beau­tiful colours. For exte­rior façades sub­ject to inten­sive wear. Par­ti­cu­larly recom­mended for use in areas sub­ject to severe cli­matic conditions.

UdiPERL® Rubbed-Finish Plaster

The rounded gra­nules pro­vide a grooved sur­face tex­ture. Creates a deco­ra­tive finish. Available in a range of gra­nu­la­ri­ties: 2.0/ 3.0 und 4.0 mm. Ready to use white or coloured struc­tured fine plaster.

UdiPERL® Equa­li­sa­tion Paint

This wea­ther-resistant façade paint may be used as a finis­hing coat for all UdiPERL® Struc­tured Fine Plas­ters. Recom­mended in order to pro­vide the render sur­face with a more ele­gant and softer optical impression.

UdiPERL® Plus noble façade colour

Our best with long-term water-bea­ding effect for facade coa­tings on UdiPERL® Struc­tural noble Plaster and all façade sur­faces. Copied from nature and con­verted into nano­tech­no­logy. UdiPERL® Plus noble façade colour is capil­lary active and water vapour per­meable. It has been given a basic fun­gi­cidal finish, pro­vi­ding increased long-term pro­tec­tion against algae and spore attack.

Recom­mended for loca­tions sub­ject to par­ti­cu­larly high wind and wea­ther loads. Treat your buil­ding to the top-class paint finish for longer las­ting value reten­tion. When dry, the very spe­cial sur­face of UdiPERL® Plus Edel-Fas­sa­den­farbe works like that of the native nas­t­ur­tium. Accu­mu­lated dirt par­ticles can hardly hold on and are imme­dia­tely washed away with the next down­pour. This means that the sur­face appearance rege­ne­rates itself and you can enjoy your new façade for longer.