insu­late naturally

Dis­cover forest cli­mate at home

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insu­late naturally

Dis­cover forest cli­mate at home

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  • Simple flat hea­ting con­s­truc­tion for cei­ling, wall and floor
  • Sui­table for allergy suf­fe­rers as there is hardly any air and dust turbulence
  • In com­bi­na­tion with Udi IN 2CM, mold has no chance
  • Space-saving, effec­tive in the background
  • Balanced room cli­mate through radiant heat com­pa­rable to the sun
  • Quick reac­tion time for hea­ting power
  • Increase of the sur­face temperature

UdiSUN® accor­ding to the motto „We bring the sun into your home“. When sun­rays hit our bodies, we feel a plea­sant sen­sa­tion of warmth all over our bodies. The sun has non-visible wave­lengths that warm us and do us good. This is how the UdiSUN® System behaves. A spe­cial carbon sheet, fed by low vol­tage, deve­lops sur­face heat, which, for example, through UdiDÄMMSYSTEME®, gene­rates directed heat radia­tion at a very low instal­la­tion height. The heat of the sheet meets our body and warms it up like in a heat cabin. The spe­cial thing about it is that the air does not have to be heated as with pre­vious hea­ting sys­tems. The warmth which you feel on your body is plea­sant and comfortable.

The pro­gress for the heat sen­sa­tion lies in the com­bi­na­tion with a healthy insu­la­tion of soft wood fiber in the system. The internal insu­la­tion boards UdiIN® 2CM, UdiCLI­MATE® or UdiIN RECO®  act as sto­rage units made of soft wood fibre behind UdiSUN®.

NOTE: Sur­face hea­ting, also known as radiant hea­ting, should be ana­lyzed in more detail when com­pa­ring it with other hea­ting sys­tems in order to see the dif­fe­rences at a glance. We know that pre­vious hea­ting sys­tems, as con­vec­tion hea­ting, warm the air to achieve com­for­table room tem­pe­ra­tures. UdiSUN® works dif­fer­ently and we would like to show you these dif­fe­rences. A revo­lu­tion in the per­cep­tion of heat. In com­bi­na­tion with UdiDÄMMSYSTEME®, we achieve results for an optimal fee­ling of well-being.

Added value to pre­vious solutions

  • Added value to pre­vious solutions
  • Dura­bi­lity – cli­mate pro­tec­tion has been a cen­tral topic in hea­ting for a long time
  • Mold for­ma­tion impos­sible due to warm walls
  • Air cham­bers, as in the UdiIN® 2CM System, store the mois­ture in the wall, which is used to dry the walls through thermal radiation
  • Envi­ron­men­tally fri­endly, no follow-up or main­ten­ance costs
  • Effec­tive use of solar energy e.g. with cloud storage
  • Dry walls, impro­ve­ment of the U-value

Fields of Application


  1. Instal­ling UdiDÄMMUNG®
  2. Pre­pa­ra­tion of the hea­ting tracks
  3. Cut­ting the hea­ting tracks (if necessary)
  4. Pre-fil­ling with UdiGRUNDSPACHTEL®
  5. Fil­ling of the hea­ting tracks
  6. Fill in sur­face reinforcement
  7. Con­nect sockets

Inno­va­tion with Warranty

  • The sur­face tem­pe­ra­ture is plea­sant for humans, just like the sun
  • We sepa­rate the heat flow from the cold as well as from the warm side
  • UdiSUN® is suf­fi­cient as the sole hea­ting system for cei­ling, wall or floor
  • Use of radiant heat to dry out the walls
  • Increase of the sur­face tem­pe­ra­ture, thus avo­i­ding the for­ma­tion of mold
  • Space-saving, effec­tive, in the back­ground, each room can be used individually
  • 15 year mold free war­ranty because it works
  • No tur­bu­lence of the air due to heat flows, as heat radiation
  • Warm sur­faces pre­vent germ formation
  • Short reac­tion time
  • Balanced room climate

The com­bi­na­tion of a spe­cial Udi­WOOD FIBER SYSTEM and panel hea­ting makes the difference!

Most of the heat radia­tion heats the interior.

A small amount of heat gets into the insu­la­tion with air layer pillars.

The hea­ting of the air in the cells leads to improved mois­ture absorp­tion from the outer wall.

The outer wall is led dry. The mois­ture is removed by the vapor-per­meable structure.