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insu­late naturally

Dis­cover forest cli­mate at home

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UdiLIVE® Inte­rior coatings

These high qua­lity inte­rior paints are used as a finis­hing coat, in par­ti­cular, with the UdiIN RECO® or UdiIN® SYSTEMS. They are exclu­si­vely made from natural com­pon­ents such as sodium sili­cate, loam-clay, chalk, plant-based emul­si­fier, cel­lu­lose, Saflor stand-oil. They the­r­e­fore belong to the group of fully-declared natural paints. UdiLIVE® Bio-Inte­rior Loam-Based Paint and UdiLIVE® Bio-Inte­rior Sili­cate-Based Paint are par­ti­cu­larly sui­table for all absor­bent, mineral, inte­rior sub­strates. These include plas­tered walls, dry-wall con­s­truc­tions, loam/clay sub­strates and wood-based mate­rials. The paints are available in white and can be mixed accor­ding to NCS (Natural Colour System) to pro­vide almost 1000 dif­fe­rent colour tones.

Loam Paints – Sur­face Treatments

UdiLIVE® Fine lime plaster

Used as a sur­face finish or final coa­ting on the rein­for­cing layers of inte­rior insu­la­tion UdiIN RECO®UdiIN 2CM® and UdiIN®.

UdiLIVE® Loam Fine Plaster

Serves as an attrac­tive finis­hing coat in a warm natural shade. Gra­nu­la­rity: 0–1 mm.

UdiLIVE® Loam Base Render

Exclu­si­vely for inte­rior use. It is used to render or repair walls (half-tim­bered) or for the com­plete coverage of the UdiDÄMMSYSTEME wood-fibre insu­la­tion boards. Gra­nu­la­rity: 0–2 mm.

UdiLIVE® Bio-Inte­rior Sili­cate-Based Paint

For all absor­bent, mineral, inte­rior substrates.

UdiLIVE® Loam Bin­ding Agent

Binds and pro­tects the sandy sur­face of the loam coa­ting wit­hout affec­ting the phy­sical pro­per­ties of the loam coa­ting. Sup­plied in con­cen­trated form in 1.5 und 10 Litre canisters.

UdiLIVE® Sili­cate-Based Paint Primer

Sodium sili­cate-based primer to avoid dis­co­lou­ra­tion of the sili­cate-based paint. Sup­plied in 5 und 10 litre canis­ters. A colour­less emulsion.

UdiSIKATO® Fine Plaster

For inside and out­side. Fel­table, sili­cate finis­hing plaster with fine grain.
Ready to use, paste-like fine plaster sui­table for pro­du­cing level­ling fil­lers and felted fine fil­lers on mineral substrates.